LED technology is replacing incandescent lighting in various industries including automotive and residential due to its energy efficiency and reliability. Talon Aerospace was the first company to introduce LED products for exterior light applications on commercial aircraft.

ATA Chapter 33 (lighting) generally accounts as the second major expense categories of airlines today. Replacing your incandescent lighting systems with Talon Aerospace LED lights offers long term cost savings.


The main benefits of LED lights are:


Longer life with reduced maintenance:

Talon LED lights are designed for continuous fault free operation without scheduled maintenance. Conventional lighting last up to 4,000 hours while LED last up to 100,000 hours.  Talon   LED anti-collision and navigation lighting is qualified to meet FAR requirements following 30,000 hours in service while the Par replacement lamps have a design life of 20,000 hours in service. Talon LED lights will lead to a reduction in MEL activity and overall cost of ownership.


Reduced weight and power consumption:

LED lighting technology significantly reduces  power consumption. Talon Aerospace is able to remove the current power supplies and replace them with lighter versions, significantly reducing the weight of the lighting system. I.e. for the Airbus 320 anti-collision system Talon lighting removes 36 pounds of weight compared to the current system. This leads to a significant fuel savings, reduction in carbon footprint and increase in payload capacity. As an added bonus the overall load on the generators is reduced by replacing incandescent lights with Talon LED units.


Reduced Inventory and reduced obsolescence:

Talon Aerospace products are designed with commonality in mind.  Talon Aerospace develops products that are easily adaptable to a maximum number of aircraft platforms to reduce overall inventory requirements for the multi-fleet operator. And with the phase out of one fleet the spares inventory can still be used to support remaining fleets.


Fully repairable with a five year warranty:

All Talon LED products are fully repairable and come with a five year warranty.

LED Par 36 Logo/Runway Turn-off/Engine/Wing scan Light Warm White


Part number: TAE0528-1W

Operating voltage: 13/26 V AC

Weight: 0.6 lbs (0.27 KG)

Design Life: 20,000 hours

Certification: FAA/EASA

Beam Angle: Spot Beam, 10x10 degrees

Light Output: Equivalent to OEM Q4631/4632/4594 sealed beam lamp


Interface Unit

Talon Interface Unit TAE1228-T2 is used to replace the existing interface units on McDonnell Douglas DC-10, MD-10 and MD-11 aircraft as well as Airbus A300 and A310 aircraft equipped with ARLS systems. The current interface box is a high repair cost item and Talon was able to replace this unit with a new unit that has a mil-spec relay at its core, making repair as simple as replacing this relay.

LED Par 46 Taxi Light


Part number: TAE0628-2

Operating voltage: 26 V AC

Weight: 0.99 lbs (0.44 KG)

Design Life: 20,000 hours

Certification: FAA/EASA

Beam Angle: Wide Beam, 50x10 degrees

Light Output: Equivalent to OEM Q4554 and 4551 sealed beam lamp